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Store Policy

Customer Care

We at A & K, Art and Kraft take great care into our products. Our hand painted artwork and customisable pieces take a lot of time and effort to create. Using good quality paints, watercolour and acrylics on the finest materials or Photoshopping elements together. Each artwork is special to us, we take pride in what we produce, design and create. We will always go the extra mile to ensure that each piece is special and personalised to our customer. Our artwork is unique to our website, you cannot find these pieces elsewhere.

A & K © Copyright protected and trademark. 

Upon delivery, artwork will be packaged carefully and distributed in a timely manner. Please note in this Corona period we are doing our very best to get things to you as quickly as we can. Each piece is crafted individually and takes us time, therefore we understand how much care and attention goes into getting this perfect for you. 

Privacy & Safety

Your privacy and safety is important to us. We only use your personal information to contact you about your purchase or tell you things that are relevant to any new products you may be interested in. This will be by email, post and telephone marketing only. We will not use your information or disclose of it to anyone. We will protect your personal information, using secure third-party banking to verify payment. Personal data is kept safe at all times. We only store photos for custom art prints and once ordered has been completed, we delete all photos. We will send an email out to verify your purchase with us and when you can expect the parcel to be delivered. You will only be contacted about your order by email or telephone. We will notify you of your order payment, production, dispatch and delivery only. If you provide consent to be contacted by email for marketing, or new product news we are happy to share this with you. Other than this we do not hold or store any data without any consent. Our website uses cookies to provide a greater customer experience, to identify registered members, analyse and monitor the performance of our website. To ensure our platform is secure and safe to use. 

Your user’s privacy is of the highest importance to our business. We build our business entirely upon trust and word of mouth to tell people about our products. A happy customer is what we like to see. 

Terms of Use

Digital prints that are available for instant download can be printed as many times as you require. However you must not share the digital file with others. This print is for personal use only. Please do not resell or distribute the digital file or physical print for free or commercially.


Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

The customer can choose (Credit card payment or Paypal ) at the time of order. Costs that are incurred due to insufficient funds or faulty provided bank data, especially the costs of back charge and other miscellaneous are to be reimbursed by the customer.

Wholesale Inquiries

For any wholesale inquiries about selling our artwork on any other sites please contact us directly. Our business is about affordability, custom design products that are unique and special to each customer. Therefore we take great care in who we collaborate with. These pieces can only be brought on our site currently and we only want to sell to those who take pride in what we do. 

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