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Our Colourful World




I love art and design, each piece tells a unique story.

I love art and design, each piece tells a unique story.

I love art and design, each piece tells a unique story.

MSc Strategic Marketing
BA (Hons) Advertising & Brand Communication




I'm passionate about design and all things creative!

BA (Hons) Computer Game Arts

Hello and welcome to A & K, Art and Kraft.

We are sisters who love painting, interior design and working together. Our names make up the initials of our venture. A, stands for Amandeep and K, for Kalveer making Art & Kraft. Our art collections express our personality, fun, loud, and bubbly!!  


Our new business has recently been set up in Corona Time (June 2020 to be exact). When we decided to turn our favourite hobby into a business idea. Having created so many paintings over the years and posting on social media, we have always been told we should sell our art. So that's what we have come here to do to share our artwork. We have created one off, unique affordable artwork canvases, which will brighten up your home and get people talking. We enjoy creating abstract pieces, portraits, illustrations and wildlife art, using acrylics, watercolour and alcohol inks, as our favourite medium on canvas and yupo paper. We have over 10 years’ experience between us within the creative industries: advertising, marketing, graphic design, computer arts, animation and interior design. 

Our creativity comes from our Mother, she is our inspiration from an early age, she is an amazing Graphic Designer. She is our superwoman in all things art and design. We were always fascinated with her artwork and designs, and the way she drew, doodled and painted. Her exploration with art got us drawing our favourite Disney characters and experimenting on the computer with Paint, Clipart, Photoshop, and Microsoft Publisher in the 90s. Excited by paint and colour, we were always experimenting with colouring pencils, felt tips, gel pens and glitter crayons. Her support has brought our new business vision to life.


Art has always been our passion and we hope you love the pieces that we create. We are always looking for inspiration and if you would like any personalised, custom artwork, upload or send us a photo of anything in particular you would like us to paint, or draw. This could be your pet, family portrait, favourite holiday destination or landscape. We would love to hear from you. Abstract and portrait commissions are open. 


Get in touch! 

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