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Updated: Feb 25, 2021

We love creating unique pieces for your home. Get in touch today and we will book in a design consultation, tailored to your needs.

Here are a few examples of some of our recent artwork. The below commission was created for a client who fell in love with our Clarity I, II, III Series and asked us to explore this design with their living room colour scheme. We enjoyed created the below abstract painting, it was a lot of fun splashing paint on the canvas. We painted the canvas around the key colours of their room, blue, mustard and silver. The contrast of colours worked really well and brought the piece to life. The client was very impressed and booked us in for a few portrait commissions as well. See our Custom Art section on our website for more details.

This abstract series was created specifically for a client, who wanted something to go in their room and was finding it rather difficult to find something that incorporated their colour scheme. They loved the idea of dance, ballet and movement. Therefore we created the Ribbon Series, using colours red, black and white. The client loved the idea and it brought a modern touch to their room.

Our art tailored to your room, shows how a commission really is a great idea! Look no further and get that affordable personalised artwork in your taste. If there is a certain piece that you love on our website or something completely different that you would like creating on your wall. We can book a design consultation and sit down and work on this together. Book now

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